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Here at our Veneer Division it’s pretty cut and dry…

Literally, we cut veneer and dry it. We supply our customers with rotary, cut-to-size veneer and our process is very simple. We buy logs, steam them, slice them into sheets on a lathe, and then dry them. We can also splice partial sheets into larger ones or sand/finish the veneer per our customer’s request.

Our process may look simple, but it’s our dedicated team of experienced people that puts us a cut above the rest and allows us to make over 2,000 different combinations of sizes, thickness and species.  This gives our customers the best unique combination of quality, service and value that is unmatched in the industry…

Our products are used for making furniture, dieboards, skateboards, custom flat or curved/molded plywood, and specialty applications like musical instruments.



Rotary Veneers

Our core business is rotary, cut-to-size veneers from Northern Hardwoods (primarily Maple and Poplar) and other hardwood species.  Manufacturing capability includes thickness ranges from 1/42 inch (0.6mm) to 1/6 inch (4.2mm) and lengths ranging from 8 to 107 inches.  We specialize in custom, cut-to-size veneer and specifications that meet requirements defined by our customers.

Species:  Hard Maple, Soft Maple, FSC® Maple, Poplar, FSC® Poplar, Beech, European Beech, Basswood, Walnut, Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Sycamore, Cherry.

Value-added Processes

Our flexible production system along with value-added processes gives us the capability to custom-make any veneer to meet our customer’s unique requirements.  These processes include clipping, splicing, specialty veneer faces and finish sanding per our customer’s request.

FSC® Products

We are FSC® Certified and we take our responsibility to the environment seriously.  Dimension Hardwood Veneers has a history of responsible management of its wood resources and promotes the use of certified wood products with materials from well-managed forests. 

FSC® is a registered trademark of the Forest Stewardship Council™. 
Ask for FSC® certified products.  FSC® Certificate Number FSC-C041275.

Other Products

  • Veneer logs

  • Lumber and pallet logs

  • Bark, wood chips, firewood



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